20 Toys to Throw Away or Never Buy

20 Toys to Throw Away or Never Buy

Why you shouldn’t Waste your money


There are so many toys on the market, it can be overwhelming. To be sure you are not wasting your time searching for the perfect toy for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc., or your hard earned  money, here are 20 toys to throw away, if you already have it, or to never to buy.


  • Any stuffed/plush toy

Yes, they can be cute, soft, squishy and cuddly, but they can pose choking and suffocation risks. Not to mention the germs, bacteria, dust mites, molds and allergens all nestled so snug in those adorable toys. Ew!


  • Barbie®

The iconic Barbie® doll has been around since the 1950s, and has gone through many changes to make her more appealing to upcoming generations. As society’s morals have become lax, so too, has Barbie’s® image. The doll could cause young girls to have a poor self-image, thinking they need to be tall, skinny with large hips and bust. Some of the clothing available is trashy and completely immodest, giving young girls the idea that that is the way to dress. Barbie® is marketed to have accessories. Excessive accessories! This could lead to young girls feeling like they need to have stuff, stuff and more stuff, as they move into adulthood. The accessories are quite small, which can pose a choking hazard for small children, epic tantrums when something gets vacuumed up because it was left on the floor, or foot injuries from stepping on them. I do like that the Barbie® line is becoming more diverse, with more skin tone options, body shapes and hair color, but that still does not make me want to purchase any for my girls or recommend them to anyone. Paint on some underclothes, make them less trashy, less materialistic and more realistic, then I might think about changing my opinion.


  • Bratz® dolls

Much the same as Barbie®… Too many accessories, trashy, immodest, body shape, etc. I get it, they are dolls. But what’s with the street-walker make-up job, lusty eyes and collagen lips? Is that really the message you want to be sending to your young girls?


  • Power Wheels®

Terribly overpriced for the use it will get. There is a small age range that can use this toy. So you spend a ton of money to get a couple years of use, but will be replacing the expensive battery frequently. The battery drains so quickly that the child can only drive it for a very short time before it needs to recharge again.


  • Lego®/Lego®-type themed building sets

You know, the building sets that only allow a child to build the one item. It does not allow for creativity, imagination or discovery. The child must only build the toy that is specified on the box. Oh, and they are over-priced. Instead, opt for a big ol’ bucket of various pieces and let the imagination explode!


  • Monster High® dolls

Back to the same reasons as Barbie® and Bratz®… Trashy, dead, scary, body shape, immodest… Do you really want your young girl playing with dolls that represent the undead and horrors? If you really want to introduce your young girl to epic horror and the undead, try a book. I would suggest Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’s Monster, Greek Mythology – Medusa, books about Mummies and Zombies or Gaston Leroux’s Le Fantôme de l’Opéra (The Phantom of The Opera).


  • Any toy with loud noises

Think of how annoying and loud it is to your ears. Children’s ears are more sensitive, hearing damage is more likely, since their little ears are closer to the toy and they are repeatedly pushing the buttons to make the sounds. This goes for baby toys, as well.


  • Latex balloons

Latex allergy, choking hazard.


  • Teething toys

Germs, bacteria, viruses, choking hazards, toxic material, liquid filled teething toys can crack. Do you have any idea what that liquid is? I would bet it isn’t pure mountain fresh, spring water from some rare artesian aquifer.


  • Rattles

Germs, bacteria, viruses, choking hazards, possibly made from toxic material.


  • Hand held electronic games

Do children really need one more screen to glue their eyes to? Handheld games/electronics promote poor posture which can result in health problems. What about content? Do you actually know what content is being transmitted to your child’s brain? They also promote sedentary idleness. Get up, move, go on an adventure!


  • Easy bake Oven®

This is really just a novelty toy. It may be fun the first couple of times, but do you really want to be rushing out to the toy store every week to buy more cake mix? And what about those over-priced Easy Bake cake mixes? Toxic ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, GMOs… Blech! Best to steer clear of this one.


  • Candy Craft Chocolate Pen®

For the same reasons as the Easy Bake Oven®.


  • Snow-cone machine

How many of these have you seen at yard sales and second hand stores? That’s because, much like the Easy Bake Oven® and the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen®, it is a novelty toy. It may be fun the first couple of times, but do you really want to be rushing out to the store every week to buy more ice and ‘syrup’? Again, do you know what the syrup contains?! Toxic ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, GMOs… Blech! Best to steer clear of this one, as well.


  • Remote control cars

HUGE battery drain and money drain. These suckers go through batteries like crazy! You should expect to replace batteries every hour or so. That adds up, quickly. They often break easily and end up in the garbage in no time.


  • ‘Collector’ toys

Think Beanie Babies®, M&M® characters, superhero toys, Peanuts® characters, Disney® characters…. Space wasters, money wasters, useless dust collectors. If you are going to purchase these in hopes of them being worth something someday, there is no point to purchasing them for a child. Save your money.


  • Talking Elmo

No!… just, No!


  • Digital pets

Has anyone actually kept one of these things alive for more than a week? Unlikely. It’s a waste of money and there again, the child has their eyes glued to a screen.


  • Any fast-food toys

Stay away from fast-food! There is nothing good that comes from fast-food places, including the cheap, useless, novelty, toys. Oh yeah, and they pose choking hazards.


  • iPotty®

Why?… Why would you encourage your toddler to sit on the toilet and stare at a screen? If you want your child to spend some time on the potty, try sitting next to the child, reading a book!

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