4 Habits to Create a More Sanitary Home

4 Habits to Create a More Sanitary Home

We all want to keep our families as healthy as possible, but with germs all over our environment, what can we do to keep them healthy?  Here are 4 simple steps to take to make your home a more sanitary place.


  1. Remove your shoes at the door.

We walk through many germy places each day from dirt on the ground to public restrooms.  We pick up millions of germs and they stick to the bottoms of our shoes.  When we enter our homes and walk across the floor, those germs are transferred there and are easily picked up by crawling babies and playing children.  By simply removing the shoes we wear outside our homes before walking on the floors, we can dramatically decrease the amount of germs we carry into our house.  Having a bench to sit on and a cubby or basket to place outside shoes is great to have.  You can also place indoor shoes, slippers, or flip-flops there to wear while inside the house, just don’t forget to change when going back outside.  An additional benefit of shoe removal is that floors will not require as frequent sweeping or vacuuming.


  1. Wash your hands often.

Our hands pick up and spread germs easily when we touch hard surfaces.  Every time we sneeze or blow our noses, before we eat, and after we use the bathroom, we need to wash our hands.  Also, proper hand washing technique should be observed in the kitchen before cooking food and after handling raw meat.  Here is a fun video to help kids learn how to wash their hands:



  1. Disinfect frequently used surfaces.

Wipe down remotes, phones, door handles, computer keyboards, and light switches often to kill germs.  These places are touched many times each day, increasing the chances of spreading bacteria and viruses.  A weekly swipe should do unless someone in the household has been sick.  In that case, surfaces should be wiped more often, at least daily, but after the sick person has touched something is best.  Disinfecting wipes are easy to use.  Paper towels soaked in rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide are also effective.  Keep these items handy to make germ killing simple.


  1. Keep bathroom germs in check.

Germs from a flushed toilet can spread all over the bathroom, covering every surface.   These germs can stay in the air for quite a while, so put down the lid before flushing every time.  You should also store toothbrushes in a drawer or cabinet to keep them cleaner and occasionally disinfect them with hydrogen peroxide.  Faucet handles should be disinfected weekly to kill harmful bacteria.



If you follow these 4 simple steps, your home will be a safer and more sanitary environment for your family.

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