A Peaceful mind, a Peaceful life

A Peaceful mind, a Peaceful life

A Peaceful mind, a Peaceful life

Life is tough. Rich or poor, young or old, we all have troubles and burdens. At times it seems as if those burdens can consume our whole being. How many of us have tossed and turned worrying about our families, the weather, the economy or even little things like new tiles in the kitchen or what to bring to the next potluck. We can justify to ourselves that our worrying is a sign that was care about the world around us, but in reality this inner conflict resolves nothing. If you can make it through life with a peaceful life you will not only be able to enjoy your days more, but you will actually become a better problem solver.

Easier said than done, I know. However, here are some tips for how to momentarily quiet your mind during a rough day:

Drink more water: The most common cause of headaches is actually dehydration. When you’re dehydrated you can become tired, or not have as much focus. So the next time you feel rushed or lethargic, chug some water.

Lists, lists, lists: Often it can be that little forgotten thing that can snowball a day from long into bad. Keep lists, and post them where you can see them. I’m a big fan of post-its on the bathroom mirror, or a message board on the fridge. Make a point of looking at your list when you wake up every morning. Don’t forget to reward yourself for finishing lists!

Enjoy a cuppa: Tea can be extremely comforting. Make time for a cup of tea when you’re upset. Chamomile tea can help relax you, while peppermint tea can give you an extra boost of energy. Invest in a pair of teacups and sauces you really like, and be sure to inhale the hot tea as the vapors can help calm you as well.

Make time for Prayer: Take some time a few times a week and just enjoy the wonder and beauty of this world. Prayer journals, or “what I’m thankful for” lists can help you re-center after a nutsy week. Don’t pray? Everyone can benefit with a little reflection. Remember, we can’t get to where we’re going if we don’t remember where we started from!

Know your colors: Colors can often times influence our moods. Finding it hard to sleep at night? Consider redoing your bedroom in an ocean blue or a forest green as those colors will help soothe you at bedtime. Hard to get up and going in the mornings? Paint your bathroom a cheerful orange or sunshine yellow.

Play “I have this”: Retail therapy is no joke. However, sometimes you don’t have the funding to go on a massive shopping spree. A fun game is to browse through magazines or even stroll through the mall and play “I have this”. A lot of times talking about fun things can make you have fun as well!

Find a cheap hobby: Sometimes just focusing on something else can take your mind off your troubles. February is a great time to start planning a garden. Pick easy-to-grow foods like strawberries or potatoes. Being outside will refresh your soul. Don’t forget to plant yourself some flowers to decorate your home with, the fragrance can influence your mood as well!

amanda-king-smMy name is Amanda Nelson and I currently am a homemaker living with my New Zealand husband and dogs in South Korea. We have been travelling all over the world for the past 3 years as teachers and next year return to Virginia to turn our 7 acres of forest into a farm. I’m 24 years old and firmly believe that wherever you are and whatever your means you can make anywhere feel like home.

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