Alternatives to Hosiery

Alternatives to Hosiery

Unless it is cool weather requiring tights for warmth, hosiery can feel a little dated, kind of stuffy, and sort of restricted. You know, just old fashioned. However, they do give a nice finishing touch; a smooth, even skin tone, a more polished appearance. There needs to be a happy medium; a polished finished look with an updated appearance. Fortunately there are alternatives to hosiery.

If you want to go bare legged, first you have to take care of your skin. Of course topping the list is hair removal. Shaving is super convenient but the results are so short term. Waxing can give longer results yet requires appointments and allowing hair to grow to a certain length before being removed. There are messy depilatory creams that kind of work and expensive laser hair removal. So pick your favorite method of hair removal that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Next, skin greatly benefits from exfoliating and moisturizing. These two steps are often unvalued, perhaps because of their simplicity, but exfoliating and moisturizing work wonders in improving your skin’s appearance. If you shave or wax then your exfoliation is taken care of in a kind of two for one along with your hair removal method. Otherwise body scrub, a scrubby puff or loofa or the like will take care of it. Then use a nice rich lotion or lightweight body oil for hydrating the skin. Seriously this easy step is not to be skipped.

Now that you have prepared a nice canvas to work on, here are some choices:

Spray-on/airbrush body makeup like Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs gives nice, light coverage and comes in a variety of skin tones. It can take a little practice though as it can look like you have makeup on your legs if you do not apply evenly and blend carefully. A makeup sponge can help press the makeup into the skin for more natural coverage. It also resists transferring onto your clothes.

If you want more long-term results, there is the good old standby tanning lotion or gel. Take your time with the application. Exfoliation and moisturizing are essential to an even application. Use a little petroleum jelly on your knees to keep the thicker skin from grabbing too much color and allow the tanner to completely dry before dressing.

If the above suggestions are just too much trouble, then try a tinted or shimmer body lotion. Tinted lotion will give you some color and thus coverage for hiding little veins and such but has an ease of application and zero commitment. Shimmer lotion doesn’t add color, instead a slight sheen to reflect light which helps to mask slight imperfections.

For a really light coverage you can also use a big, fluffy brush to dust bronzer on your legs. This will rub off on your clothes so it’s not totally practical but works in a pinch.

If you have a specific concern like a scar or something that you want to conceal use a heavy coverage concealer such as Dermablend just on that area.

And just like that you can fake perfect skin and go without hosiery!

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