Birthday Bug Ball

Birthday Bug Ball

If your child has a good mix of girl and boy friends, finding a fun unisex party theme can be difficult. Boys and girls are different by nature. One dreams of mud puddles and dump trucks, the other dreams of princesses and happily ever after. Believe it or not, there is a middle ground: Bugs.

bug ball

Girls are drawn to beautiful butterflies and dragonflies, and boys like grasshoppers, centipedes and ants. So, throw a party that makes them all happy by using a Bug Theme.

Invitation: Let your child pick a rubber stamp with a bug motif, and accessorize a plain invitation into the theme. You can also make your own invitation by tracing a bug shape onto card stock, making sure that it will fit in the envelope if being mailed.

Decorations: Pull a rolled up napkin through a spider ring for a buggy napkin ring. Hang large paper butterflies from the ceiling with string. Make spiders with pipe cleaners and place in the center of the table in a fun arrangement. These can all serve as favors for the kids to take home later. Other favors could be their own bag of gummy worms, or trail mix marked “termite food”.

Music: Set the mood for your Bug Bash by having themed music set up in a playlist on your iPod or burned to a CD. The Ugly Bug Ball -Burl Ives (Summer Magic), Bug’s Life Soundtrack, there ain’t no bugs on me,

Activities: A bug hunt is perfect for younger kids. Shop the dollar stores to find some plastic bugs and butterflies, usually in a pack of 8 or 10. Hide the bugs around the yard or party room. Then send the kids out with bug nets to find and “catch” their bugs.

Older kids can play relay games, imitating different bugs. Instead of a crab walk, call it the spider walk. Other ideas: Rolly-Poley Roll, katydid crawl, inchworm scoot, and flea hop.

If the kids are a little older, have a bug identification quiz with the pictures of bugs and a bug name key, or blanks for the older kids.

Cake: Dirt Cake


-Crushed Oreo Cookies

-Chocolate Cake or Brownies, baked and cubed

-Chocolate Pudding, mixed

-Gummy Worms

For a large scale presentation: Layer chocolate cake, pudding, and Oreo crumbs, in a large glass trifle bowl. Make at least two layers, ending with oreo crumbs. Stick gummy worms into the pudding, guiding in with skewers if necessary, and serve!

For individual servings: Make a single layer of pudding and Oreo crumbs in clear plastic cups, then decorate the top layer with a worm coming out of the crushed Oreo “dirt”.

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