Bringing Art Into Your Life

Bringing Art Into Your Life

paintings-womenby Tiana Gray

Art  is  an expression of creativity and imagination.  Greg Olsen who is known best for his great painting of the Savior has said in one of his art collection books, “My philosophy on art is quite simple. I appreciate the beauty of art and the way it makes me feel. I hope that people will be happy and uplifted when they see this work. I hope some of the images will help bring them peace and comfort. I believe that most of us have some kind of spiritual belief and we want to embrace those values. I like to think that my paintings might remind people of where they can find their strength and comfort, and help reaffirm what is really important in their lives.”  In his book there are poems, scriptures,  and notes written with his amazing work.  I bought his art collection book for $15.00 and will never regret it. When I am stressed and having a bad week I like to unwind at night with a cup of hot chocolate, soft music and a blanket and look thru my art book. It has helped me to relax and gain a better perspective on my problems and life. It also has deepened my imagination in life and created new dreams I have in life. But you don’t have to look at Greg Olsen art. Everyone can find pleasure and joy in any art they enjoy.

Art has been used in the past for a long time for victims of war and trauma.  Hurricane Katrina survivors used paper and crayons to express their feelings and fears. It has been said that art provides children with motivation to learn, creativity, expression, higher self esteem and self-discipline, responsibility, and higher academic scores.

We have been told by our church leaders to beautify our surroundings. You can do this in so many ways. One way is to bring gospel prints to hang on your walls to remind your family of your goals and what is important in your life. You can find art books that you enjoy and learn about the period of time it was painted and the timeline of artrenoir-breastfeeding history.  Learn about different types of art and about different cultures or countries.  There are also many elements of art that are very useful and good to think and learn when looking at art.  Elements such as line, value, color, texture, shape, space, and form.  Check your library for art prints and sculptures or make your own art!

Art surrounds us each day.  Try to draw your family together to select or make art to beautify your home and bring your family together!


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