Christmas Scavenger Hunt Fun

christmas-peekingDecember in our house revolves around Christmas.  We have Christmas music or Christmas movies playing most of our waking hours. Our conversations revolve around Christmas, treats, gifts and activities.  I focus my children’s attention to the spiritual part of the celebration as well as the magic of the season that bring families together.  A couple of our family activities that add to our festivities are scavenger hunts.

Last year we had a couple of different kinds of scavenger hunts.  The first was fairly traditional.  We read a clue that led us to another clue, and so on until we ended up discovering a plate of goodies.  Here are a few clue examples:

  • Regular or powdered, I always make your Christmas goodies sweeter. (Sugar bowl)
  • I am hung with care to make sure that St. Nicholas will soon be there. (Stockings)
  • I make the presents mysterious, yet I will be gone with a few simple tears! (Wrapping Station)
  • I’m white, puffy, and smooth and add fun to your cocoa! (Bag of Marshmallows.)
  • I am tall and green and add nature to your merriment. (Christmas tree.)
  • Greetings galore this time of year from family, friends and neighbors. (Christmas cards.)
  • In red and green, I will illuminate your room with no more than a flicker. (Christmas lights)
  • In ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, where were the children nestled? (In a bed)
  • I’m piping hot this time of year, from turkeys to cookies. Turn me on and watch the temp rise. (Oven)

Our second “scavenger” hunt was more unique.  Everyone had a list of Christmas items, like manger, Santa and so on.  We sat around our Christmas picture books and had 10 minutes to find as many pictures of the items in the books we could.  We wrote down the title of the book and page number next to each item we found.  Several of the books didn’t have page numbers, so we worked around that the best we could.  It was fun to watch my children’s strategies. One only looked on the book covers and did very well.  The best part was hearing them say “I love this book!”  It was hard not to get distracted and start reading the books.  We did that after the game.

Christmas can be over-commercialized, but these kinds of fun activities keep us focused on the family and building memories.

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