Family Craft: Autumn Person To Greet Your Guest

Family Craft: Autumn Person To Greet Your Guest

Pumpkins, apples and leaves …. Oh, my! Autumn’s bounty gives us so many possibilities when decorating our home. This Autumn Person will help you greet your visitors in a fun and cheerful way.

This craft is a good family activity. There is no one correct way to decorate your person. You can make it into a scavenger hunt just gathering the outfit.


Supplies Needed

3 pumpkins that stack one on top of the other

Hot glue gun (adults only)

Items for outfit: buttons, small sticks, leaves, fruit, nuts, plastic autumn decorations

Step 1

Obtain 3 pumpkins that will stack one on top of the other without falling. Visit a pumpkin patch or local farm to extend the fun for your family.

Step 2

Gather items for the person’s outfit. These can be either real or plastic. Just remember to take into account the temperature conditions that will effect how long real items last.

Step 3

Get the glue gun ready in a place away from small fingers.

Step 4

Pick out a place for your Autumn Person. The front porch or yard is the best place to greet your guest. However, one year ours ended up in the kitchen. Another year, after coming home from the pumpkin patch, we couldn’t get them to stack correctly. That year our Autumn Person was leaning up against the railing on the porch.

Step 5

Stack pumpkins in the place you want it standing.

Step 6

Decorate your Autumn Person, using the glue gun when needed.


Decorate your person for Halloween.

Make a whole family that corresponds to your own family.

During winter cut the pumpkins, add birdseed and place them outside for the birds.

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