Family Evenings Together

Family Evenings Together

By Durga Devi

It’s Monday; Mom comes home at 5 pm after work, Kay, the younger one, stays on late at school usually for club activities, Dad comes home at 8pm and I usually get back around 7.30pm. This is quite usual for many homes, with so many schedules to juggle and think about even to sit down for a simple meal.

Therefore, often, when thinking of family activities, I feel like cramming something very important, with a lot of family bonding, elaborate meals and very meaningful. It doesn’t happen like that. Often, the best family times are when everyone’s just relaxing in the same place. Here are a few ideas for fun family nights:

Quiet Evenings

Reading, doing homework, bills and paperwork together not only encourages everyone to do their work, it also means that you see actually see your family together. Put on some soft music, then play board games, short ones.

Rebellious Weekdays

I believe in order and structure, but I also believe that in order to maintain that order and structure, sometimes you need to throw in a little bit of spontaneity. Rent a movie, buy some pizza, make salad, pop some popcorn. And watch yourself a long, relaxing movie.

Family Dinners

Mom is not the only who can cook family dinners for the whole week. Get your family involved! You’ll be surprised how much fun you will all have if you don’t have too much of a plan and like to experiment. Give your kids especially more freedom. Let them decide what meals they want to eat, what ingredients they need, and how quickly they can make it. Cook, cut, fry, wash, nibble, do it all with a little bit of music and a lot of fun. Try it for a few weeks before throwing in the towel.

Home Improvement Projects

It can be so much fun getting together one evening and simply repainting a room, or filing down a cabinet, or making pillow cases. I’m not suggesting something big, or very taxing. But weekdays aren’t always about just winding down and the weekends about fun. Use your weekdays as well and work on something you’ll all like.

Learn a new craft

Learn something new. Make a book, from scratch, or learn how to frame things, or make a video, or cut up a family puzzle. This is a great thing to cultivate at a younger age, when kids are more likely to listen to you and want to learn new things. This does not have to be weekly, or monthly, but it is a good, planned activity.
The basics of planning a family evening: have lots of fun, do it together and remember not to plan it all too much.

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