Fitness Ball Exercises for More Flexibility and Balance

Fitness Ball Exercises for More Flexibility and Balance

Fitness balls have been around for a relatively short time.  They have been used in natural-fitness-exercise-ballrehabilitation and regular fitness routines.  If you want to increase your fitness level, begin with a ball workout and build up.

Fitness balls allow for exercise routines that won’t jar the joints or strain the muscles.  You can work your core muscles as well as other muscle groups.  Fitness balls are even great for strength training.  They provide a way for people who haven’t exercised in a long time to get going slowly.

A fitness ball is a round inflated ball that comes in different sizes and material makeup.  A smaller fitness ball can be used to support the back during abdominal exercises.  It fits in the small of the back.

The fitness balls that most people are accustomed to seeing are the larger ones that come in a variety of colors.  Before choosing a fitness ball, check your height.  When you sit on the ball, your lower body should be perpendicular to your upper body or slightly lower than your waist.  If you sit too low on the ball, you will strain your back.

Fitness balls also offer different weight limits.  It is better to go for a higher weight limit and a larger ball than one that is too small.  How long will you use your ball?  It is worth the investment to pay more for a ball that can hold hundreds of pounds of weight if you plan on using it for a long time.

Also, choose a fitness ball that won’t burst when punctured.  A bursting fitness ball can cause serious injury.  It would be like a popping balloon only with a bigger bang and a thicker outer skin.  It is preferred to have a fitness ball that will slowly leak air when punctured.

Why use a fitness ball?

With all this talk about types of fitness balls to choose, it begs the question of why use one in the first place.  Basically, it provides you with gym equipment to use for exercise in your home.

One goal of exercise is to increase flexibility and balance.  It is hard to perform certain moves if you are constantly off balance.  Unsteady movements can lead to bodily injury.

A fitness ball increased flexibility using the curvature of the ball.  As you lie across the ball to perform abdominal crunches or upper body exercises, you are allowing your spine to stretch out.  Using the ball for strength training allows for a greater range of motion throughout the exercise than with weight machines.

As for balance, it is a ball and you are performing exercises on it.  Sitting on the ball at a desk instead of a chair keeps your abs engaged as you constantly correct your posture to stay on the ball.  When using the ball for back extensions, military presses or other exercises you have to plant your feet and squeeze your midsection to maintain your position on the ball.  Both lead to better balance control.

Fitness balls work for people of all sizes and fitness levels.  Increase flexibility and balance along with gaining strength.


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