Food for the Family

Food for the Family

We’re starting a new series that will be featured every Monday on this blog. It entitled “Food for the Family”. Enjoy!

My chiropractor said there three things that are the most important to spend good money on for the high quality.

The first is shoes. It pays to buy high quality shoes with arch supports that are appropriate for the activity you are doing whether it’s running errands or going to the gym. It is not only good to have good shoes for your feet, but also the spin and hips.
Food for the Family
The second is a good, high quality mattress. We spend a large portion of our lives lying down on our mattresses and to ensure good spinal health, it is imperative that we invest in a high quality mattress.

Food for the Family
The third is high quality food. Because food becomes a part of us we should be treating our bodies with respect if we hope to have healthy, long lasting lives. More on this on part two of the series “Food for the Family.”


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