Make a Kid’s Chalkboard Table with Benches

Make a Kid’s Chalkboard Table with Benches

Little people matter too, right? Being a mom of ten, I am always on the look out for projects that are fun for the kids but are practical as well. Here is a DIY chalkboard table for kids + how to make mini-benches. Enjoy!


Mini- toddler table with mini-benches. The table is a coffee table with chalkboard paint on top. ♥ My kids ages 8-1 fit great around it. Use as a coffee table in your living room or in the family room with the benches that fit around it perfectly.

Starting with the benches:

You need one 1″ x 8″ x 47 1/2″ long board, or measure according to the length of your coffee table*
2 pieces wood: 1″ x 8″ x 7 1/2″ for the legs…cut a v-shape on one end of each piece
1 wood piece for the center bracket: 1″ x 2″ x 42″
Circular saw
Wood screws
Router *Optional
Turquoise satin finish latex paint
Paint brush


*If you want to push the bench under the coffee table, you’ll want to make these a little shorter and keep in mind where the legs stand on the coffee table.


Assemble the pieces as follows:

Take the center bracket and screw onto the center of each of the “legs”.

Router the long board {Optional} and set on top of the “legs”. Screw into place. {It always helps to make it a family affair: here is a picture of 3 generations working together.}

Finish by painting!

DIY Chalkboard Table for Kids

Find a coffee table that you love and one that you are willing to forever allow the kids to have fun with.

Sand the table. Paint the sides and legs of the coffee table. We used a turquoise satin latex paint.

Next spray paint the top of the coffee table with a primer. Then spray the top with chalkboard spray paint {find it at Home Depot}. Spray 2 coats for a good chalkboard.

Get out the chalk. Put the benches at the table and let the kid’s enjoy!

Tip for chalkboard lovers: mix white vinegar and water to get it cleaned well without the chalk residue.


*I recently updated my site/blog. I made a few changes to this page.  We sold these tables for a while at a little boutique in Colorado and made variations of this one.  Here is the gallery of other chalkboard tables we made:

What did you think? Give me some comment {love}! ♥

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    • Thank you Nicole! I wish I could remember the exact color, but we haven’t made any of these in a while and currently live abroad so it’s not possible to run to Lowe’s to find my color swatch. I looked back on some of my old Facebook posts from when I posted it there first and I didn’t find it. The picture is pretty true to the color I found. Maybe see what you can find at Lowe’s? Sorry I’m not more help. 🙁

  1. pretty cool my grand babies would love this just got to get some one to make me a couple have lots of grand babies i had 8 kids of my own if i was not handicapped i would do it my self thank you for sharing

  2. Mark Gordon says:

    Hi – could you email me these plans for the turquoise kids table and bench to have my husband make for our 3 year Grandaughter birthday present🎁


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