Moms: Take Yourselves to the Library

Moms: Take Yourselves to the Library

Sometimes mothers need time away from their families in order to recharge and renew.  Often times, families are on tight budgets and it is not possible for mothers to spend the day at a luxury spa or fly to an exotic island for the day as much as they may desire to do so.  Yet, it is possible to take some quiet free time to yourself to dream and imagine.  You can do this in the coziness of your local public library!


Libraries are the perfect budget friendly get away for mothers to have a morning or afternoon away.  They are free unless you need to make some copies and then you will need on average less than a dollar in change!


Perhaps have a family member babysit or hire a babysitter for a morning or afternoon and then pack up some essentials for a little get away for some quiet time.  You may want to fill your tote bag with some books you would like to read, your planner, your kindle, a laptop, a notebook, some change (for the copy machines), and don’t forget your library card!


Stop off somewhere and treat yourself to some hot coca, tea, or coffee.  Most libraries allow covered drinks in the buildings these days.


Pick a cozy spot and enjoy some quiet time to read, plan, journal, day dream or whatever you would like to do.


Libraries always have tons of magazines and newspapers.  Perhaps you could read a stack of the latest fashion magazines while you sip a hot drink?


Maybe you have a passion for home decorating and would like to let your imagination fly.  Go to the non-fiction 747’s (Dewey Decimal System) and pull out some home decorating books to peruse.


Perchance you would like to gather up some new recipes?  Visit the non-fiction 641’s and 642’s to gather up a stack of cookbooks and browse through them.


Possibly you just want to catch up on social media without interruption?


Mayhap you have a lot on your heart and you need an hour to journal quietly alone?


Whatever you decide to do during your time at the library, make it something you enjoy and don’t be too rigid.  Let it be a break from all the work you do in running your home and raising your children.


Mothers do so much every single day.  They need to take true breaks in order to remember who they are and recharge their batteries so that they can come home again refreshed and renewed.  Spending a few hours in a library, in that atmosphere of so many books, cozy chairs, and quiet can be very renewing for many people.  Give it a try sometime….you won’t waste any money in doing so!

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I work in a library which suits me just fine, for I adore books and reading. I cherish my nieces and nephews. I admire beautiful clothing from bygone eras. I find comfort in a proper cup of tea. I delight in snowflakes, stardust and pressed flowers. In this beautiful fragmented world, I hold fast to hope.

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