Natural Garden Repellents

Natural Garden Repellents

Here are seven natural methods of repelling insects that are garden pests.


1. Marigolds can be planted generously among tomatoes.  Marigolds repel, very effectively, nematodes which kill the tomato plant by damaging its roots.

2.  Planting garlic near any of the plants will act as a repellent.  This gives you a good yield for a wonderful seasoning product.  When you pull the garlic, you will notice small yellow pods hanging on the sides.  One should be put back into each hole in order to have garlic for the following year.

3.  By planting White Icicle Radishes in amongst squash, you will have a very effective natural repellent to the squash bug.

4.  Potatoes are a natural repellent to the tomato worm and the tomato is a natural repellent to the potato bug.  If you plant potatoes on each side of a row of tomatoes, the repellent effect will be greatly enhanced.

5.  Herbs such as dill, spearmint, borage and so forth are natural repellents to many common garden insects.  Borage, particularly attracts bees which assist greatly in pollination of all  your crops.

6.  Lining your furrows with newspapers assist in diminishing an infestations problem because the ink itself acts as a repellent.

7.  In an area that has many pill bugs that are very difficult to control you will find them under the newspapers you are using in the furrows.  However, you can get a natural bait that is organic and on which they will feed and destroy themselves.  It is not expensive and is available at most stores.

Enjoy your organic garden and learning new natural ways to keep the bugs at bay.

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