Roles I Play

Roles I Play

Shakespeare tells us that all the world is a stage and we are players in the great drama of life. My life has been enriched by the complexity of the roles I have played. Throughout each week, I am actively engaging in the roles of mentor, entrepreneur, and mother. While time consuming, each of these roles is valuable to me and to those whom I serve.

Everyone needs a listening ear. One way I fulfill my need for socialization is to mentor others. I consider this role beneficial for all parties. When I help another, I learn much which helps me in my other roles. I’m an energy therapist. As an energy therapist, I help others find and release all the negative emotions, false or limiting beliefs, childhood programming, fears, and more. These issues keep the person from feeling whole, complete, and happy. When others are happy, I am happy. I love my role as a mentor.

Being an entrepreneur is something that seems to be inherited from a long line of hard-working ancestors. While I don’t install homemade porch swings, or make and bottle root beer, like my ancestors, I do run four home businesses. From essential oils to websites, I like to stay busy. Being an entrepreneur gives me full control of the hours I work, the amount of time I spend on my work, and gives me full charge of how things are done. Earning money is fun because I love what I do.

In America, the average mother has 2.1 children. In my life, however, I am the mother of eleven children. Motherhood is complex, regardless of the number of children you have. With ages ranging from adult to infant, I’m solving problems and investing most of my energy in this role. Organization, planning, and leadership skills are essential. I wasn’t born with them, but being a mother has helped me learn and master these abilities in a way no other role in life possibly could.

Many times, as adults, we are so busy living life that we don’t stop to fully appreciate what roles we play in life. What I do firmly believe is, each person is needed for exactly the roles he or she plays in life. No matter the role, or how much time is spent in each role, I can’t think of better ways to invest my time and energy than as a mother, mentor, or entrepreneur.

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Married with 11 children, she feels she’s living the fairy tale life in Germany. She is a writer, speaker, trainer, energy therapist, and mentor. Homeschooling, reading books, herbs and essential oils, antiquing and flea markets, and red lipstick are just a few of her passions.

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