Simple Acts of Kindness

Simple Acts of Kindness

It is a stressful time of year.  There is so much to be done and it seems to avalanche on top of us.  It is important to remember the reason for Christmas simple acts of kindnessthough, and try to spend some time uplifting and helping others.   Here are a few things that will really make someone’s day brighter and they won’t cost you a lot of time or money.

Compliments:  Try to notice something good about people.   Then, tell them exactly what you noticed.  Include specifics!

Here are some ideas:

·         Wow, I can see you went to a lot of work putting up your decorations this year, it sure adds a lot to the neighborhood!

·         Thank you so much for helping me with my account, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t figure it out.  You really made my day easier!

·         You look so lovely today.  I especially like that color of blouse on you.

·         Every time I come here, your smiling face cheers me up.  I am sure glad you work here!

Thank You letters/cards:  If you really appreciate something someone did for you, tell them….or better yet; write them a thank you note.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love getting them.  Some people love them so much they keep them for years or forever.  These little notes that take 5 minutes to write bring unmeasured joy into the heart of another.  Remember again to be specific!  People in service industries often especially love getting thank-you notes because they are often criticized, underappreciated, and stressed out (especially at this time of year).  A person that helped you in a bank, post office, or store might even be able to add your thank-you note to their personnel file to be looked at when being considered for a promotion or raise.

Small, inexpensive gifts:  Every year when I worked at the bank, there would be a small handful of customers that showed their appreciation for our personalized service by bringing us  baked goodies, flowers, candies, or other small gifts.  It was the ultimate envy of the office if someone had a customer bring them a personalized gift that they could display in their workspace for a few days.  Those were the customers that everyone put a little extra effort into pleasing.  We tried to remember their names, help them as much as possible, and give them extra personalized service.

There are many other ways that you can do or say things that will make a person’s day brighter.  Get creative and you have a brighter Christmas season yourself!

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