Snack Cracker Ideas

Snack Cracker Ideas

Crackers are an inexpensive and healthy snack.  If they are plain they can get a little boring.  Here is a collection of ideas for snacking with crackers.



  • Add cheese or dip in homemade Ranch dip.

  • Make “Reuben Crackers”.  A slice of corned beef, 1 tsp. sauerkraut, 1 tsp. Thousand Island Dressing.


  • Add cream cheese and top with half a green olive.

  • Add cream cheese and top with a sardine.

  • Eat with strawberry cream cheese!

Wheat Thins

Dip in pineapple cream cheese (shared with me by Dawn Salisbury)


  • Make peanut butter & jelly “sandwiches.”

  • Just peanut butter

  • Dip in chili and soups

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