Toy Store Baby Shower

Toy Store Baby Shower

Babies are always a good excuse to have a party.  A friend of mine says, “Every baby needs to be celebrated.”  Which I think holds especially true for the first baby in a family.  Our family recently threw a baby shower with a toy store theme.  Since I still have younger children, the decorations were easy!  We gathered stuffed animals, blocks and even an Etch-a-sketch to greet our visitors.


As the guests arrived, we invited them to guess how many jelly beans were in an eight ounce baby bottle.  We also showed them to the food.  There was a cheese ball and crackers, grapes and a fruit dip, deviled eggs, checkerboard and lemon slice cookies.  We also had a yellow cake, with blue frosting, candles that spelled out congratulations, and several small toys added to the theme.

For our first game, we passed around various baby items inside 14 numbered paper bags that were stapled shut.  Everyone felt the items through bag and then guessed the item.  It’s a good idea to give the players paper and a pen to record their guesses.  Some of the items were tricky because they felt so similar, like a bib and a pair of booties, and baby lotion and baby shampoo.  Some of the ladies used their sense of smell to get those last two correct.  There was a prize for the winner, and we gave the mother-to-be kept the items in the bags.

Our second game was my favorite.  It was a game of concentration; the guests matched 24 baby terms like umbilical cord or daddy.  Every match earned a prize that corresponded to the term matched.  Here are some ideas of terms and prizes:

  1. Baby Einstein (Smarties)
  2. Twins (Double Mint Gum)
  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Starburst)
  4. Lullaby (Symphony)
  5. Breast Feeding (Milky Way Candy Bar)
  6. Midnight Feedings (Milky Way Midnight)
  7. Infant (Mini M&M’s)
  8. New Baby (Almond Joy Candy Bar)
  9. Lamaze (Breath mints)

10.  Delivery (Rocky Road Candy Bar)

11.  Contractions (Squeeze Pop)

12.  Dirty Diaper (Tootsie Roll)

13.  Umbilical Cord (Nerds Rope)

14.  Pacifier (Ring Pop)

15.  Hospital Bill (100 Grand Candy Bar)

16.  Daddy (Mr. Goodbar)

17.  Grandma (Lifesavers Candy)

18.  Love (Now and Later Candy)

19.  Nap Time (Take 5 Candy Bar)

20.  Triplets (Three Musketeers Candy Bar)

21.  Good night’s sleep (Zero)

22.  Baby fat (Chunky)

23.  Baby Girl (Baby Ruth)

24.  Pregnancy Brain (Airhead)

25.  Preemie (Runts)

26.  Baby Name (Whatchamacallit)

27.  Bottle (Bottlecaps or Bottle sucker)

Not only did the guests enjoy finding the matches, they also laughed at the candy bars that went with each match.    Most of all, the shower was a great time to visit and celebrate the pending arrival of a new baby!

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