Who Sally Clarkson?

Who Sally Clarkson?

Who is Sally Clarkson? She is a wife, mother, mentor, minister, and missionary, to name just a few of the many hats she wears. She also sings and writes, loves to read, bake bread, and drink tea. Whew! Accomplishing all that makes one wonder if Sally can also alter time or somehow has more hours in her days than the set 24 the rest of us have to work with!

Sally grew up longing to have meaning in her life. She found that in college when she truly accepted Christ and gave her life to Him. Her love of Jesus Christ became the center of her heart and passion and led her to working in campus ministry and going on missions to other countries as well as ministering in the United States.

Her future husband Clay, attended seminary and they joined together to have a family and dream up new projects and ways to serve and share the love of Christ. God blessed them with four children, two boys and two girls, whom Sally homeschooled all the way to adulthood. All their children love Christ, are musically talented, and are writers as well.

Though Sally and her husband followed the path they believed The Lord had laid for them, is has not always been easy. They have had ideas for ministry ventures that did not work out and faced financial troubles and having to let staff members go. Yet they never lost faith that they were on the right track and that God would provide for them and allow them to continue their ministries. Which He did!

Sally has become a champion of women and wants to help them to become who God created them to be. She believes that the home is where God’s love and touch are felt regularly and that mothers shape generations and inspire their children. Because of this, Sally and Clay have identified the mission of their Whole Heart Ministries to “encourage, equip, and enable Christian parents to raise wholehearted children for Christ”. Through speaking engagements, teaching and training and their writing focused on biblical and practical aspects of the nurturing and education that goes on in the home, they hope to aid parents in preparing their children to continue to build Christ’s kingdom. They believe in a spiritual unity of those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Sally has a strong online presence with SallyClarkson.com and wholeheart.org where she blogs and has webinars. If you are a Christian woman and especially if you homeschool, Sally may provide just the inspiration you need!

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Julia homeschools her two young sons with a TJEd/Charlotte Mason mashup philosophy and is excited to read and learn along with them. A cosmetics junkie, fashion historian, and lover of all things sparkly, she works as a freelance writer and researcher with special interests in muscle testing, natural health, and history. Devoted to her Savior and serving others, she lives in a perpetual state of self-improvement and developing her best self.

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